For Dreams and Destiny

For 2017, I set resolutions.
For 2018, I established initiatives.
For 2019, I’m celebrating dreams.

Something happened to me at the end of this year. You know, every year, we experience new things, we grow, we change. We realize what we’re made of. And 2018 was a record breaking year for me.

I learned how strong I was. How strong I am. I learned how giving I could be. I learned how sacrificial I could be. I also learned how selfish I could be. I experienced pain and sorrow and joy and satisfaction. I loved and learned. I lost a baby. I gained irreplaceable friends, and I lost parts of me I will never get back.

But in the last 6 weeks, I’ve seen myself in new light. God has put dreams on my heart and a vision in my head that I have pushed down and tried to hide. Some of these dreams are ones I’ve run from for over a decade. But in the span of two weeks, God placed people in my life – some of them randomly coming out of the woodwork – to affirm what He has called me to do.

At 27 years old, I finally feel like I have a vision and a purpose and calling. I’ve always said that motherhood and marriage are my callings – and they are. But I was envious of women who seemed to have a calling in addition to that. Something that created a fire in their bones. I love women like that! And I love reading about them and talking to them and learning from them! But it just never seemed to be me. I’ve never felt like I fit.

Until these last couple weeks. The amazing people who have poured into me; who have fed my soul; who have pointed me to Jesus; who have encouraged me; who have called to my attention things that were deep in my heart that I had never shared with anyone!!!!!!! Thank you, Jesus, for those people!

2019 will be a year like no other. I see the challenges ahead. I see the growing pains. I see the moments where I will want to give up. But I also see the passion. I feel the fire in my bones. I feel like I finally know why God created me.

And this feeling…… feels right.

So without further ado, here are some of my dreams for 2019!


Abigail Baggs, Writer
Right now, when people ask what I do, I tell them I’m a stay at home mom. Which true and wonderful! But my dream is to say, “yes, I’m Abigail Baggs, I’m a writer”. Follow my writing journey here, at!

Okay, this is a crazy one. The last week of July, God asked me to homeschool our babies. I promptly responded with “thanks, but no thanks”. And as He always does, He changed my heart to reflect what He called me to do! Now, I couldn’t be more excited about what is ahead! Archer turns 3 in January, so we will be incorporating some preschool structure into our routine.

This was an initiative last year, and I made incredible strides! My goal for the year is to completely get rid of every unnecessary item in my home. Our dream is to be able to easily and quickly pack up and go, whenever and wherever God calls us.

Ditch & Switch
At the end of 2017, we started a journey toward swapping out all toxic products in the house, and choosing natural, plant-based options instead. I dream of a home full of healthy products, that I’m happy to share with those around me. If you’re interested in doing this with me, I’d love to help you get started! Join me here: Essential Oil Starter Kit

Plant-Based Living
We’ve seen amazing results in Archer’s health since our slow transition to a plant-based diet, particularly in the area of sleep! Everyone in my house loves to cook, so I dream of a vivacious, happy place, where we enjoy eating healthy but making it fun. And making a mess in the process!

“Givable” Income
We’ve all heard of disposable income, right? 2018 was a wacky year for finances. We started the year well over 6 figures in salaries, and we’re ending it on a ministry salary. Let’s just say it’s a little under 6 figures! Through brilliant financial hacks and building a business, we’ve been able to make the salary support and provide, as well as give back as much as we could. In 2019, the dream is to able to send multiple students to OneWeek (youth camp). To purchase multiple Thanksgiving baskets. To create an environment where our boys love and enjoy giving and creating opportunities to provide for those who have less than we do. We want givable income, not disposable income!

I desire at my core to be an encourager to every person around me. To lift up those who are down. To speak truth into the lives of those who need it. To create a conglomerate. A network. A lifestyle. A community. Where truth and grace reign together. Where the lonely can come to be pointed to Jesus. Where the weary come to be picked up on our shoulders. Where the thriving come to share with others. To be a conduit of God’s grace and goodness and love and mercy, to everyone who comes my way.

Tell me your dreams, friends! Let me know how I can partner with you and being all that God has created you to be! 

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