Prayer Notecards

As a mom of little ones, it can be so challenging to get in a good daily quiet time. And completing my entire prayer list can seem impossible. Even waking before the sun, it seems that someone always wakes up a little early, or needs to potty, or just wants to be held for the last little chunk of morning sleep! 👶🏻👩‍👦‍👦

A couple years ago, I started using this “notecard method” (my very creative title!), where I write down my prayer requests on a notecard. I date it, and then on the back, I write details and specific Scriptures to pray. (So if you’ve shared a request with me… you have a notecard!) When there are no babies around, I could spend hours doing this! But let’s be honest – moms don’t get time with no babies around 😂🤪 


One of the best things about this notecard system is that the notecards can go with me wherever I go. I can take them to the bathroom while I get ready or the kitchen while I prepare meals.

Lately, I’ve been taking them in the car with us, and I will pray my requests, out loud, as we drive! At first it felt a little weird to pray out loud in front of the kids, especially when so many of these prayers are intimate cries from my heart to our Savior. But what better way to teach our babies to pray and to show them that we believe in a miraculous God than to let them witness us come before the throne of grace? 🙏🏽 

Moms of littles – anyone else have good tried and true tips and tricks for getting in good prayer and Scripture time? Let’s share with each other! 💕💕

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