A Mama’s Full-Time Ministry

We’re wrapping of week 3 of Jake’s transition to full-time ministry. For the first time since I’ve known him, he is passionate and on fire about his job.

People keep asking me how I’m transitioning and how the family is transitioning. Honestly, it’s been so good for us. Even with OneWeek preparations, his hours are so much better than what he had before. He’s so close to home. We can go visit him at work. He works with amazing people.

I can’t complain!

And yet, I find myself feeling left out and frustrated when he happily goes off to work each morning. And when I’m alone putting the boys to sleep and everyone is crying and I have to pee and I just wish someone was there to help… I wonder where my call to ministry is.

Isn’t it funny how the enemy stirs up those nasty selfish feelings, and hits us right where it hurts?

I find myself wishing that I could do full-time ministry. That my life could have such clear direction and passion. That my role was so important it was worth prioritizing over almost anything.

And then, there’s that whisper again. I AM in full-time ministry. One of, if not THE most important ministry.

Why do we so easily forget that motherhood itself is a magnificent ministry?

Sweet mama – don’t let the world tell you that your job isn’t ministry. Don’t let the enemy steer you in the direction of thinking that what you do doesn’t matter. Whether you go to work and come home to pour into little lives with more energy than you knew you could muster, or you spend every waking moment each day with them, what you are doing is amazing and magical and worth fighting for. It is your most important job after loving God and honoring your husband.

The work we do by raising babies is hard and often times unsatisfying… at least in the moment. It can feel thankless and it’s definitely not glamorous. But it is so important.

We are raising the next foundation of the world. We are shaping the humans who will make decisions for the good of everyone around them. We are tasked with a huge undertaking, that only a mom could take on.

And that, to me, sounds like one amazing call to ministry.


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