“Present Over Perfect” – Book Recommendation

I seriously can not recommend this book enough. So thankful for my dear friend Meagan for loaning it to me!

34629542_10156554169430407_2562622911814828032_o (1)
2018 has been so hard. But I have learned – been learning – so much. Honestly, the “present over perfect” concept is one I got on board with pretty easily after my first son was born. And I hopped on further after the second one came along. And now that I’m staying at home, my desire for perfect has just about left the building. Or at least the idea that I should try to attain it.

No, this book has taught me more than that. This book has called me out for living in a way that serves everyone around me, and desperately tries to live up to expectations. Expectations I don’t even want to meet. Ones that were placed there by someone else. This book hits me over the head for saying “yes” to all the wrong things, when I have a home full of people much more deserving of my “yes”.
Sometimes I wonder how I made it to age 27 without coming to these realizations. I am finally understanding why people go on trips or pilgrimages to “find themselves”. That’s how I’m feeling these days.

Am I a certain way because someone told me I am? Or because I want to be? Am I bad at something for real, or did I just take someone’s nasty, harsh words to heart too much?
I seriously feel like a blindfold has been removed from my eyes – one I wish had been ripped off years ago. In these difficult days, I am finding myself drawn to simplicity, quiet, fun, and time. Less work, less running, less planning. More doing. And laughing. And holding.
Do yourself and favor and read this book! I promise it will bless you. ❤️

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