“Must be Nice…”


I recently read about a phenomenon I’ll refer to as the “must be nice” sentiment. It’s the tendency to look at someone else’s life and say or think “well that must be nice”.

How often do we look at another person’s [filtered, packaged, specifically-presented] life and think it sure must be nice to have what they have? Spending ability. Clothes. Homes. Jobs. Vacations. Happiness.

Let me tell you two things, dear friend.

1. Please remember that there is a flip side to everything you see, both in person and online. I see moms at church on Sunday morning looking gorgeous with well-dressed kids, and I assume that everyone woke up at the right moment, listened well, ate their healthy and delicious breakfast, dressed themselves in impeccable outfits while the whole kitchen was cleaned, and the drive to church was sunny and cheerful just like their whole lives. When in all reality, their morning looked like mine. Little people being human and needing help, having attitudes, not getting enough sleep, leftover breakfast sitting on the table still, with a hectic drive to church that involved putting makeup on in the car. And that’s okay for my family, and that’s okay for her family! All she did was show up to church, so why am I romanticizing her life when it probably looks just like mine! Remember that life is always messier on the inside than it is when you’re outside looking in.

2. But if you do want something else out of your life, go get it. I’m #preachingtomyownheart here. We are so quick to complain complain complain. But how often do we make changes in our actions to effect change in our situation? Here’s my point: if you don’t like where you are financially – make a change. If you don’t like your health situation – make a change. If you don’t like how your day and time are structured – make a change. Find your priorities and pursue them wholeheartedly.

Here in the Baggs Fam, we are wholeheartedly pursuing a simple life filled with good food, hospitality, intentional time, and good health. And we are continuing to make lifestyle changes to make this dream a reality.

What “must be nice” dreams are you pursuing right now? I would love to encourage you!

One thought on ““Must be Nice…”

  1. “It must be nice to have a kid who isn’t afraid to poop.” BUT my kid night trained herself in 3 days, no accidents and no night wakings either anymore. Potty on the brain. Everyone’s potty training probably has some struggle! One or another.

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