Ministry Update!

Jake and I have had SO MUCH change in the last 4-ish years. Jake recently commented that we got saved 4-ish years ago, so the constant change makes sense as the Holy Spirit has worked in us and through us and sanctified us. 😇

Some of our biggest changes (becoming parents, getting out of debt, National Guard to name a few) were not on the road map… at least not at the same time they ended up happening. But God has a way of doing this over and over again in our lives. He guides and directs in amazing ways, and right now, our next steps look nothing like we originally planned. 👣

Two years ago, I asked Jake if he felt called to be a pastor and go into the ministry. He was so confused by my question, but I couldn’t shake the feeling in my spirit that our family had a ministry future. Fast forward a year, and I started to pursue ministry opportunities. I knew in my heart of hearts that ministry was a calling for us, and if Jake didn’t feel it too, then it must be a call on my life specifically. More than once, I came very close to starting vocational ministry, but each time, the Holy Spirit clearly told us that wasn’t what God had prepared for us. We gave it to God and trusted that if ministry was in our future, He would make it clear.

And as always, He did just that. In His own perfect timing, He prepared and led Jake’s heart, just like He did with mine starting two years ago. ❤️

Today, Jake accepted that call, and he will start working for Abundant Life Church at the beginning of July. He currently serves weekly with Fusion Student Ministry, and he will now take on a full time staff position as Student Serve Team Director with Fusion.

To say I am proud of him would not nearly do justice to how I feel about this man. He is the epitome of faithful. Anything and everything God has ever called him to do, he has done quickly and willingly and lovingly and prayerfully. Jake is living proof of God’s great grace, and I’m honored to partner with him as he starts this new chapter. 💑

We appreciate any and all prayers as we begin this journey! 🙏🏽

TLDR: Jake’s going into the ministry!33922781_10156535382010407_5484263613076078592_o

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