Lake Living

After Jake left at the beginning of the month, we spent a weekend out at his parents’ place in southern Missouri, then we settled in with my parents for the remainder of his training. After a day or two, I decided to treat this as if the boys and I were on a lake vacation! Boat rides, morning golf cart rides, pool every day, lots of grass and sun, late bedtimes (🤪), and no daily agenda. And oh my, has the mindset shift been good for my heart and soul. 🌿☀️

There are so many things that God is teaching my mama heart during this season. And getting to stay home with my babies has done wonders for me. ❤️

This morning on our daily golf cart ride, we took a pit stop at the yacht club to chase the ducks (unfortunately they were mostly still sleeping!). Running around the wet grass, barefoot, with one baby wrapped to my chest and the other one squealing in delight up ahead of me…. this is the stuff of life. 🦆

I can’t wait for my man to come home next week, but in the meantime, lake living is kicking this summer off gorgeously! 🌊


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