10 Sleeps Down

10 sleeps down! I know it’s only a fraction of the time (62 sleeps to go), but it’s a big milestone to me. This was lifted from one of my letters to Jake last week.
📸 cred: @creophoto #nofilter
“After a long and stressful week of solo parenting, I’m just desperate for things to go my way. I just want everyone to not need me for an hour so I can make myself a priority. And that is not what motherhood is all about. It’s not what being a wife is about. It’s not what being a Christ-follower is about. I am called to sacrifice and serve in every area of my life. And I don’t want to do it. So here’s (I’m raising my cup of coffee) to focusing on a new challenge. A new area that God is going to refine in the next 9 weeks. It is my desperate prayer that you come home to a wife who is more patient and peaceful and joyful than you could ever imagine her to be. A wife who revels and rejoices in serving others. A wife who takes the exhaustion in stride – who can ask for help when she needs it, but doesn’t whine and complain just because something is difficult. This afternoon and evening will be a challenge. Archer is going to throw fits (and toys). Grisham is going to be fussy and cry right when I finally sit down. The house is going to look lived-in. And my perfectly timed schedule is going to go out the window the second I get home.
But I’m choosing, right now, and for the rest of the day, to rejoice in that. To thank God for two happy and active and opinionated and healthy little boys. To be grateful for the adorable little home I have that keeps me safe and warm and is mine to build. To desperately love and miss the man who sacrifices for us and serves us and leads us well.
What a gorgeous life I live.”


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