To my fellow young mama…

Is there a young mom in your life? Or a mom of little ones that you’re close to? Can you do something for me? text her or call her right now and tell her that she’s a good mom. That she takes good care of her babies. That you can see with your own eyes how she loves them and how she spends so much time thinking of them and trying to find ways to love them better.

I can almost guarantee that she needs to hear that, even if she doesn’t realize it herself right now.

While it might not seem reasonable, especially if you’re in a different stage of life, the simple comments about how things could be done differently… can really hurt. Yes, we are probably overly sensitive to comments about our mothering choices or our mothering situations. But isn’t that a good thing? We care so deeply about the job of motherhood that any indication we’re not doing it right can burn and sting and scare. We so desperately want to be good moms. It would mean the world to have confirmation that we are!!

This broken world doesn’t value the ministry of motherhood. We live in such a me-me-me society, that we’ve lost sight of that beauty and worship that is integral to sacrifice. We sacrifice our bodies, our sleep, our peace, our comfort, our time, our food, our sense of self… while the world convinces us that we should focus on ourselves. And while every mom DOES need time and space to herself from time-to-time… we are called to sacrifice. And it’s beautiful. And we all do it. Sometimes willingly. Sometimes begrudgingly. But it sure would be easier with the support of those around us.

So next time you want to share what YOU would do in that situation, maybe just smile and tell her that it’s obvious that she loves her babies and that they’re lucky to have her (yes, that mom might tear up because she needed to hear that so badly!). I promise it will make a difference.

Paul says in Galatians, “And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart” (Gal. 6:9). Can you text that mom and remind her that she’s doing a good work, and that she will reap the reward for her motherhood ministry one day?

I am so blessed to have many people in my life, my own mom included, to encourage me. Be that person for a young mom in your life today! ❤️sun

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